Sunday, February 21, 2010

iSavored the Weekend a Different Way

My weekend did not turn out the way I had planned, does that ever happen to you?  It started out unbeknownst to me during the day on Friday.  Then out of the blue I get a text message from my daughter suggesting I pick up some pizza on my way home.  That was my first clue!  I had planned all along to cook dinner that night but when Elise suggested I pick up some pizza, she said it was because it would be a while before I could get into my kitchen ~ that meant only one thing.  My new refrigerator had arrived!!  YAY!!!  I was elated!!!  My hubby was going to surprise me with my new refrigerator set into place, ready to go and with the old one hauled away never to be seen again.  Here's where my other surprise comes in.  I walked into my house, I put the pizza down on the table and yes, there stood my brand new, platinum, energy saving refrigerator with the double french doors and the freezer on the bottom.  BUT, what was my old refrigerator still doing in my kitchen?  Why was the door frame into my kitchen cracked and torn off, why was my new kitchen floor tile crack??  All these questions running through my head.  One part of me was happily thrilled and the other part of me was in anguish. To me, I felt like my kitchen was in turmoil.  There's one thing I despise the most in life is to have my kitchen in such a frightful mess. No women in her right mind can stand a messy kitchen, much less one in turmoil.  How can I ever enjoy my new refrigerator?  How will I ever be able to whip up a delicious meal this weekend??  Well, on Saturday morning I threw some browned beef stew meat with the rest of the ingredients in the crock pot and didnt' touch it again until later that day when it was time to eat.  Best thing to do when ones kitchen is in turmoil is throw something in the crockpot and not have to worry about it.  I then decided to clean out the old refrigerator, take pictures of it so that we could post it up for sale on Craig's List to get it sold soon so that I could be on my way to getting my kitchen back into "one" piece.  We had also planned to go to the double-header (Women and Men's BBall games) at Liberty so I had to be done with the refrigerator, dressed, eat an early dinner and be ready to leave by 3:30p.  What a great night for the Flames though, both teams played hard, both games were nail biters and both teams won.  We probably didn't get home until 9:30pmish.  I was so dead beat by the time we got home so as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out!  After church today I finished cleaning the freezer of the old refrigerator, finally took pictures of it and put it up for sale on Craig's List.  Soon after I started a  batch of my Buttermilk White Chocolate Scones (see the recipe in January) as it's my turn to bring treats to our ladies Bible study Tuesday night.  It was around 4:30 and after watching "Lover Come Back" with Doris Day and Rock Hudson while baking scones, I was finally able to settle down in the living room and relax watching "Sound of Music".  A while later, my sister (who just moved to Michigan from Texas) and I chatted via "webcam" for about a 1/2 hour, which was a delight!  So what a weekend!!  I didn't cook like I had planned nevertheless, I am blessed as our renovated kitchen is on it's way to being complete (a project we started last May)  I will worry about the door frame needing to be repaired and my floor tile needing to be replaced later ~ things could have been worse.  P.S., we got a call on the refrigerator and it looks like we'll be selling it tomorrow morning!! YAY!!  ~isavoredtheweekend  ~ oh by the way, here's my new refrigerator ~ isn't she a beaut???  You can here angels sing when you open the french doors!!!! :)

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