Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Hubby's China

Blue Garland by Johann Haviland, Bavaria, Germany

We celebrated March Birthday Madness with family today and I decided to use my hubby's china.  Yes, you read right, my hubby's china.

I married a man (almost 30 years ago) who came with his own china set.  I was thrilled, I didn't mind, made me think what a special guy he is.  Through the years he mentioned how he acquired them.  I asked him again today to tell me the whole story from the beginning.

He was a single bachelor in the mid-70's, a US Army soldier stationed in Germany.  He said a family "adopted" him and took him everywhere they went.  If you're not familiar with the military and being stationed in Germany, there is SOOO much to do.  From visiting all the ancient museums,churches,castles to taking a nature hike Volksmarch to visiting a neighboring country like France, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, over the weekend.  So one of the trips he tagged along on was to a china outlet in Eschenbach, Bavaria Germany (Germany is full of these types of outlets and crystal shops).   He figured that while he was there he might as well start collecting his own china (it was really cheap and sometimes flawed but not so noticeable).  He said they made several trips so by the end he had accumulated a whole set.  Fast forward about 10 years, we're married and stationed in Germany and almost living near the same area he was previously.  He took me to the china outlet store which I ended up visiting several times before we headed back to states.  We may have lost a couple of pieces here and there with the many moves we made but not a lot.

About five years into our move to central VA I had to make a run to the local grocery store (Kroger).  I was flabbergasted when my eyes set on a display of china they were selling.......  I had mixed emotions, from "yippee" to "no way, this can't be".  There sat my pattern of china in the middle of a Kroger store!!!  I couldn't believe it.  I was upset because I was convinced I had the genuine, limited Blue Garland of Johann Haviland, Bavaria from Eschenbach, Germany and that Kroger had stolen the pattern .  The stamp on the back of my china had the same stamp that Kroger's china had.  I found out when I looked it up on the internet a few days ago that because the pattern was so popular for the company back in Germany, they decided to make it available in the states too, why a grocery store?  I don't know, maybe it wasn't as expensive for them.  I eventually gave in and decided to purchase a platter and some dessert plates, since the stamp in the back matched, what would it matter??  

I finally decided to accept that my china pattern was sold at the local grocery store.  I continue to use my china on special occasions several times a year and am realizing that it's becoming more and more special to me as the years go by.  Knowing that the majority of it came from the actual factory purchased by my hubby or myself is all that matters.

I used the china in another post, click here to see it:  Meyer Lemon Scone.  Makes the scones look so divine!

So that's the story behind my hubby's china.

Have a great weekend and savor every moment.
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  1. I love this because it is so rare that a man comes along with his own "hope chest" or "dowry"!!! The china is so pretty, and I'm pleasantly surprised that he had the forethought to buy it as a single man. My husband had a few crystal stems that he actually kind of babied. I love that when a man is cool like that! Thank you for sharing this link with me!!! Have a great Monday!

  2. That's a great story about your hubby's china. I have a set from my Mother that I love, but she got it as a giveaway in laundry detergent or something like that.

  3. I'm impressed that your husband had the good sense to buy his own china! What a great story. It's very nice...

  4. The dishes are very pretty... the cupcakes look mighty good too-enjoy:@)

  5. Pretty pattern! I think I have seen it, but don't recall where.
    Cupcakes look yummy, too!

  6. No matter where the dishes are from, they are pretty! You are lucky to find a man who recognizes the beauty of nice dishes! Linda

  7. Your dishes are lovely, and I know you treasure them. Your husband sounds like a wonderful man!

    My husband wanted to bring a chair into the relationship :-) He now loves helping me pick out our dishes! My dad was US Army soldier stationed in Germany, and brought back Hummel's.

  8. I think I have some of this that Mr ALC had when we got together. It's packed up so I need to find it. Pretty dishes!

  9. The china is classic and beautiful no matter where it came from. It sets a beautiful table.

    The cupcakes look luscious.

  10. I recognized this pattern right away. It's so pretty. Lovely to hear the story and so precious that he was the start of the collection.. enjoy! xo marlis

  11. Beautiful china. I married a man who came with china too. ;-)

  12. What a sweet story! I love your china and it has special memories.

  13. The china is still beautiful and a lovely story accompanies it, no matter where it came from. I think that 70's bachelor made good choices all the way around! Delicious looking cupcakes for the March Birthday Madness!

  14. It is lovely so does it matter where it came from? I love the delicate blue flower. Great story too!
    I have a set of Haviland with a pink flower. My mom got it week after week at the supermarket. She never used it!
    I also have the Johnson Brothers blue willow, yep, from the super market! :)
    And then there were those Antropologie glasses I got in the .99 store, 8.00 on their website!
    Thanks for linking up at Let's Dish! See you next Wed. At 7!
    Cupcakes look yummy!

  15. So many reasons this is a great post...first the romantic story, then the beautiful china itself, and then the part that you have a husband who wanted to buy china!!!! Thank you for sharing this great post.


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