Saturday, January 26, 2013

When Life Gives You Meyer Lemons...

My Meyer Lemon tree has blooms!!

Here is a closeup of the smallest blooms on the tree 

This one is the second largest bloom

and here's the branch with the largest blooms as well as the largest amount

We've had this Meyer Lemon Tree since last Summer.  I read somewhere that when these blooms blossom, they give off a wonderful lemony aroma. 

 Hubby ordered this Meyer Lemon tree last Spring online knowing I had been wanting one for a long time.  It came in a box in the Summer and was already one ft. high when we received it.  Hubby planted it and took care of it most of the Summer then I brought it into the sunroom for the Winter. Anyone out there know how long it will take to get to the Lemon stage??

I made these Meyer Lemon Scones last March 2012, and I can't wait to make some more!
 Click here for post and recipe:  Meyer Lemon Scones

Hope you're having a blessed weekend, stay safe and stay warm and savor every moment.


  1. How exciting to see the lemons start from just a tiny, little blossom. Be sure to post pics of the lemons when they're in full bloom.

    1. Thanks Leslie. I know, I'm just as excited to see them growing so much so that I talk to them and praise them. I will definitely post pictures of the process and the final project. I just hope and pray they make it that far. :)

  2. Your plant looks so healthy! I've never tried Myer Lemons but I've heard that they are good.

  3. Thanks Paula, that's a first for this brown thumb. By the way, I just found a bag of Meyer Lemons at the Walmart on Forest. Rd. just yesterday. They're out sooner than I thought here in the 'Burg!

  4. I bought a Meyer lemon tree last summer, too. I got one lemon out of it, but hope to get more this year. It's so exciting to watch them grow and the fragrance of the flowers is wonderful! Mine is in the house now, too.


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