Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Time and Lazarus

This is Lazarus

Lazarus was a dead tree, at least my Yankee husband and me, the SouthWest chica thought so.  Well, little did we know.  After Don had cut him down in hopes that we would be digging him up soon after, we never got around to it (I know, surprise, surprise), he just sat there, in the same spot, year after year, Spring after Spring until one Summer, he all of the sudden started to shoot a branch here and a branch there and pretty soon was a shady tree with big leaves.  When Spring came around again, Lazarus started to bud and soon  flourished into this beautiful, fuschia pink, cherry blossom tree - WOW!!!!  Thank you Lord, your marvelous handiwork is truly amazing and oh by the way, thanks for raising up Lazarus, again :)


This is not "Death Row" as Elise would call it but instead this is my "Herby Life Row"
Rosemary, Lemon Thyme, Thyme, ARUGULA :) and more Rosemary

Elise makes fun of me and rightly so.  Year after year I've been known to put a plant or flower up on my kitchen window sill and sure enough, they died.  Time after time, to the point when one year Elise decided to call it "death row"...haha!! The name has stuck since.  I laughed outside but was so torn inside because it was so true.  I've just come to the realization that I just don't have it....I just don't have that green thumb but instead brown or maybe ash brown :(  So this Spring I'm trying again and I'm really, really hoping and praying these lovely herbs will live!!  Please pray they do, will ya??!!

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