Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pre-Spring at Spottswood Place

Pansies, Phlox, Virginia Bluebell
Who says I have to cook food to savor the weekend?  We were blessed with a beautiful, warm springy like day just days before the official start of spring here in central Virginia.  My family and I have been under the weather for about a month now and almost on the mends, so grandma and I decided to get out of the house and go make a stop at the nearby garden store.  We found lots of Pansies, Phlox, Virginia Bluebells and Rosemary (hidden).

It's not spring yet but with such a beautiful day outside, I wanted to go out into my backyard of which I'm not too familiar with just because we've only been living here a couple of months.  I did a little raking, dug up some dirt and oh, that lovely smell of fresh soil sprung up from the ground.  Don't you just love that smell???  If only they could bottle it.

Wandering Jude
I love, love, love this ground cover not only because it's beautiful with it's small, shiny leaves and small pastel blue/lilac colored flowers but also because it does a good job at covering large barren places.  Very hardy and hardly any maintenance at all.  It's a perennial and it just keeps on spreading.  My type of plant :)

Yellow Daffodil
I found a patch of Daffodils in the backyard and another Daffodil patch in the front.  I was concerned that I didn't have any at all so this was my first sighting of the two.

Lemon Thyme
This is my Lemon Thyme herb that I've had since last summer.  It was my only herb (from herb row) that survived the move and survived the winter.  Yea, my type of plant ;)

I have no idea what this is ~ somebody help me!
But whatever this plant is, there are several in the back yard and I'm thrilled!

The gazebo in our backyard
I have so many ideas for this gazebo.  I dream someday of it being surrounded with pink and white Azalea bushes, along with Phlox and Ivy.  If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!

Today, was sunny, warm and just plain beautiful.  Tomorrow it's back in the mid 40's.  But that's okay because Spring is indeed around the corner.  ~isavortheweekend

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