Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sneak Peek - Patio Makeover

A sneak peek to how I hope my patio turns out.
 picture taken from Dishfunctional Designs blog
This will be our 3rd year living at Spottswood Place.  Ever since the first year, I've been wanting to do something with our patio to make it more pleasant and charming.  When we lived in Germany back in the late 80's, I envied all the homes that were odorned with plants and flowers galore similar to this top picture.  As I sit in my patio at Spottswood Place, all I see is a blank canvas.  No color, no depth, no nothing.  Last year I even drew up some ideas about how I could paint the walls and get some potted flowers and even thought about adding an awning just to make it look better.  A few weeks ago I somehow bumped into this picture on Pinterest and my first thoughts were, "That's it!!  that's exactly how I want it to look".   It  even kinda resembles my patio wall and window.

This is our blank canvas.  This is our patio in it's current dull, boring state.  

I was fortunate to get some advice from the Annie Sloan Facebook page and she suggested I buy the Red Primer to paint some of the bricks to make it look old and distressed like in the top picture.  My hubby has bought the wood to make the shutters.  I will paint them Annie Sloan's "Arles" (yellow).  I'm anxious about what kind of plants to buy, I just don't want to kill them and I want them to last all Summer long, any suggestions?  This project should be completed by the end of next weekend hoping the weather stays decent plus I will have a four day weekend so I should have plenty of time to work on this project. I'm so excited :)
I'm cooking up some Carnitas and fixins' for my Cinco de Mayo feast today.  What are your plans? Whatever they may be, may you savor every moment!  Have a great one :)

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  1. That is going to be perfect. Love the colors you chose. How about a vine growing on the wall.

  2. Go for it, can't wait to your coming project, just make things step by step.


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