Sunday, December 4, 2011

Asha Mulakashka - our Kitty

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2009

Asha is our most beloved kitty and our most photogenic kitty.  As adorable as she looks in pictures, she's  even more so in person.  The most loveable, huggable, cuddliest, people cat ever.  One day a little over six years ago our daughter walked in through the door with this strange, skinny kitty in her arms and asked if she could feed her something.  Elise found her outside on the street in front of our house, some neighbors had said she had been hanging around the neighborhood for a couple of days.  Rumor has it that she was left behind by some other neighbors who had moved away.  What a horrible, horrible thing to do and it's heartbreaking to find out that some people really do that.  Fortunately she walked into our house and into our hearts and won us over immediately.  Elise named her Asha but we call her Ashee for the most part.  Ashee has shyed away from strangers as of late but once they come in and relax, she too is relaxed and comfortable enough to welcome them.  When its just us family folk around the house, she's usually someones shadow, following them around the house.  She has to sleep with someone, no matter who, every night.  

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