Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kinder-Hochstuhl - German Highchair

We finally have a highchair for our grandson.  What do you say, 'that's not a high chair!"??  Many years ago, when we had a toddler of our own, she had just turned one when my hubby was stationed in Germany.   We needed a highchair and found an ideal one at a local German store in our small German town.  Never imagined we would still be using it 25 years later....

This is what it looked like as of yesterday morning.  Christmas Eve morning, 2011!!  Hubby was supposed to get it re-upholstered months ago but nooooo, waited until Christmas eve to get it done.  It took us a good three hours to finish this project, a good three hours I could've used getting ready for Christmas Eve dinner... Anyway, I think our daughter used this up until she was done with her pre-school years.

So we had it in storage ever since.

We almost gave up on it thinking it wouldn't last much longer after pulling it out of storage seeing how tattered and battered it looked but we realized all it needed was a new upholstery job.

Tada!  and there it is!  I sent hubby to JoAnns and he was brave enough to enter the store.  He bought about 1 1/2 yds. of this fabric and one piece of a square sponge.  It used to have a tray but that got lost somewhere along the way.

We used fabric glue and a staple gun to put it together.  Obviously, our hands were full which is why we didn't take any pictures.  It took about four hours to complete the job between the two of us since we really didn't know what we were doing.

We were thrilled to say the least when we first bought this highchair because . . . .

it also converts to a small table.  Isn't it cool??!!

He took a liking to it from the get-go!  Oh, we had to use a belt or scarf to tie him in.  I guess that's where the tray came in handy.  The scarf worked and he was able to eat at the table with us, in his own chair.

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  1. What a clever piece of furniture to convert from a high chair to a chair and table. It looks great with the new upholstery and I know you were thrilled to use it again for your sweet grandson.

  2. Very cool!
    I love that you can re-use that chair with your grand!!

    Maybe he will use it one day for his children too.

    Have a beautiful week :)


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