Sunday, January 15, 2012

Turkey Apple Wraps

In a large pan or skillet, heat two tbsps. butter and a little bit of oil so the butter won't burn,  saute onions on low-med heat until translucent and carmelized, season with salt while they're still cooking.  Set aside.  Heat another tbsp. of butter and little bit of oil.

After I peeled and sliced the apples, I placed them in cold water until it was time to use them.  Drain the apples and pat them dry.  Add the apple slices to heated skillet.  Brown on both sides for about 5 minutes each but do not cook them until they're mushy.  Once all the apple slices are browned set aside.  Refresh hot pan with another 2 tbsps. of butter and a little bit of oil and keep heated, if it starts to smoke turn it down on low as you prepare the next step.

Once the onions and apple slices are cooked.  Form an assembly line of the following:
Tortilla, apple butter, turkey deli meat, sauteed onions, browned apple slices, muenster cheese slices.

Take a tortilla and spread it with some apple butter

Add four slices of deli meat

Top with sauteed onions down the middle

Top the onions with the apple slices

Finally top with a slice of cheese cut in half

Fold over twice

Add to heated pan with butter and oil and raise the heat to medium (I added two more wraps to this pan)

Press down flat with a spatula and let it brown on both sides, about 3 minutes on each side.  Cook longer if you like it toasted and crispy..

Cut each wrap in half and serve with some chips or your favorite side dish!  Doesn't it look delectable?  Oooey, gooey deliciousness :)

A couple of years ago, my daughter and I went to a locally owned sandwich shop (Roly Poly).  I was intrigued by their Turkey Apple Wrap and knew I had to order it.  It did not disappoint, the carmelized onions with the apples and Muenster cheese went so well together my mouth and tastebuds were very happy.  I figured something like this would be simple to make at home.  On the menu, it breaks down the ingredients for each sandwich they offer so I remembered what this wrap had and went out and bought all the ingredients to try it out on my family.  It was a hit!  I haven't made them since we moved to Spottswood Place only because I had forgotten about them.  They came to mind a few days ago and I sent hubby out to the store to get the ingredients.  I wanted them as we watched Wildcard Weekend, Saturday night NFL football.  This would make a great Superbowl treat.  Now, I have to figure out what to make for tonight's games....

Look what I got straight from across the pond??!!??  A Gabriela Austin apron!!  My favorite co-worker :) Adam - shhhh, don't tell the others ;) and his awesome beautiful wifey, Morgaine went to England (that's where Adam's from) for the holidays.  They shopped at the awesome Covent Garden London and thought of me.  So thoughtful of them.  So in honor of receiving this gift, I wore my Gabriela Austin apron while I cooked my Turkey Apple Wraps and I got a lot of kisses from my grandson :)  It's a WIN-WIN!!

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