Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Football Helmet Cookies are In the Top Ten!

My football helmet cookies are being featured at the Football 101 Women site.  Go check them out if you want to know anything and everything about football.  Click here.  These chicks are the coolest!!

Here are the steps on how I made these cookies and other similar ones:

I will feature my Super Bowl XVLI football helmet cookies as well as our menu next week, featuring food and goodies from each town represented, Boston and NY (Patriots and Giants).


  1. They are so cute and how I wish the Steelers were still in it. You are such a good cook and baker. Can't wait to see what you are serving from each city. Are you having a big party?

  2. Thank you Elaine!! I really enjoy cooking and baking. I gotta get started on this years Super Bowl helmet cookies. I hope someday I'll be making Cowboys cookies, but that doesn't seem like its going to happen anytime soon :(. We are having a small gathering and almost have the menu confirmed. How about you?

  3. So cute! Love the detail.

    I too love to see what you are baking or cooking up !


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