Saturday, March 9, 2013

De-Winterizing and Springifying

We're having a gorgeous weekend here in central Virginia.  The sun was out all day and the temps were at least in mid 60's with an ever so slight breeze. 

We had snow just a few days ago and all the schools were closed.  But the weatherman predicted temps to rise into the 60's for the weekend so I made plans to get the house ready for spring.  Goodbye winter decor.

Hello Spring!!

I started to clean the sunroom and it dawned on me that today would be a beautiful day to paint this bookcase.  I was getting tired of the red since it had been at least 7 years since I last painted it.

Hubby helped me take it outside and then I sent him to Home Depot to get my paint.  I used Rust-Oleum Painters Touch, Satin Dark Walnut.

While the paint was drying I decided to do some other chores.

Like cleaning the sunroom windows

Kept up with the men's basketball game on the computer (they won and are headed to the conference championship game on Sunday - yippee!!)

Slow cooked a Rump Roast with carrots

Re-arranged some of the sunroom now I'm sitting down and relaxing and enjoying the view.

Here's the bookcase placed in it's new spot in the sunroom.

The sun is setting.  It's been a long busy day and I take my place once again in my favorite spot.  Hubby will be joining me soon.

Tomorrow I will finish decorating for Spring, weatherman says it's going to be just as nice!

Have a blessed weekend and savor every moment!


  1. I agree, spring is the best! I enjoyed reading your thoughts on transitioning into this beautiful season.

    God bless,

    1. Thank You Roz, I just wish this weather would make up its mind. These warm days get our hopes up. God bless you too :)

  2. It seems that you were really in the mood then for cleaning and remodeling your sunroom, huh? That's about the simplest thing you can do to keep the room fascinating. It makes the place look better and better every time you organize it. I'm excited about the future improvements in your sunroom. Update us the next time you're in that kind of mood again, alright? :)

    Ryann Hoyer @ Yancey Company


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