Saturday, June 1, 2013

First Ceramic Project

We are fortunate to have a business in town where you can go in and paint your own ceramics, they fire them up and it's ready to go a week later.  This business in our town is called "All Fired Up".  I've passed it for years and finally had the opportunity to go in and paint something. 

I picked a charger plate for a reasonable price.  They have an array of other things, from small animals, cups, bowls, platters, letters, etc.,  TIn the workshop there are about 20 small square tables set up and at each table there's a bowl of water, sponge and a square tile.  With the sponge and water, I had to wipe down any dust or foreign objects left of on the plate.

I then took a pencil and drew my design.  The owner told me the pencil marks would not show through once the plate went through the kiln.  That simply amazes me.

Once I drew my picture, I started to paint.  I wanted dark vibrant colors so I had to paint at least three coats, making sure each coat dried before I painted the next one.  I took my time and it probably took me 2 hours to finish painting.  Once I was done, I cleaned up my table, took my plate to the counter and they told me it would be ready in a week.

A week later and VOILA!

The colors came out just the way I wanted.  

I'm so thrilled with my first ceramic project.  My hubby says I gotta be careful because this can become addicting. . . . he's right but he's too late!  I'm addicted and can't wait to go back to paint more!

Spend time with your loved ones as much as you can and savor every moment!


  1. What you made is lovely! I'll bet you can't wait to go back!

    My friend and I went to All Fired Up a time or two when it was beside Kroger. She loved it because she's artistic but I found it stressful because I couldn't think of what to draw.

    1. Paula, I'm sorry you found it stressful. I can't wait to go back!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Monique, any suggestions? :)


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