Sunday, June 9, 2013

Help, any Gardeners Out There?!?

(Click on image to get closer look of leaves)

Any you gardeners out there know what kind of plant this is?

I have two of these, they're growing in a round bush about 10 feet from each other.

They weren't there in the last two years most likely because the deer who were able to get into our yard didn't give it them a chance.

Deer can't get in our yard anymore ever since hubby built a 6 ft. high fence.

I'm finding all kinds of plants around my backyard now that they have a chance.

I don't want to get rid of these in the pictures if it something special, I hope and pray it is!!

Thanks for your time!


  1. These look like suckers to sounds bad..but at the base of my standard trees(Korean Lilacs) shoots come up9SUckers)..which I have to cut..

    I garden in zone 5 I could be way off!

    Good luck!

  2. Thank you Monica, I sure hope it isn't "suckers". I asked another place and they're looking into it and thinking it might be: Dogwood foliage (Cornus sp.). I sure hope they're right!

  3. It has been confirmed from two separate sources (one is Dave's Garden forum and the other a Horticultural Supervisor from the Alexandria, VA Dept. of Parks). These are Dogwood tree sprouts. In a few years, there should be a nice Dogwood tree with beautiful blooms :) I will leave them be and give them lots of TLC as best as this brown thumb can dish out :) -Bev


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