Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Happenings @ Spottswood Place

What a beautiful Easter day we had here in central Virginia.  The sun was shining bright, there was a light breeze and temps in the high 60's - low 70's.  Family at church what a blessing, the music was a blessing and the sermon was a blessing as well.  Couldn't have asked for a better day for many reasons....

I baked these shortbread cookies earlier in the week and just kept them in the refrigerator.  I finished decorating them with the Violets yesterday.  I copied this recipe from Yvonne and StoneGables blog, click here.  Hubby was very skeptical in eating this but he finally caved and guess what, he's still alive! :)

I made the following gift boxes thanks to Monique's blog at La Table de Nana.  She is a very talented artist, photographer, baker, Grandmother, cook, etc.,).  My boxes don't compare to hers but I had so much fun making them even though it took me most of this past week.  Here they are:
German Cottage

Farm House (front side)

Farm House (back side)

Old Brick House

English Cottage I

Victorian House

English Cottage II

Beach Cottage (front side)

Beach Cottage (side)

Each house box had some treats inside, my Violet Shortbread Cookies (picture near top of this post).

Here's a link to the template for a house.  Have fun and create!
I downloaded it from coveredinglue.blogspot but since hers was a shorter house, I went ahead and extended the house to make them taller. 

These two pictures are of my new Beatrix Potter-Peter Rabbit collection.  They arrived yesterday just in time for Easter.  I will purchase two a year ;) 

These are some cutie-patootie cupcakes my daughter made for our Easter meal.  Green coconut held down by chocolate frosting.  Peeps top them off.  Cute and delicious!

I created this drawing (copycat from a Beatrix Potter painting*) on my Wacom art tablet and gave it to my granddaughter.  It's supposed to be  Grandma helping her put on her jacket.  I added the wooden crate because I drew the little girl bunny too high.

This is another drawing (Beatrix Potter copy cat) that I made for my grandson.  A grandmother hugging  her grandson.

This third drawing is for both kids.  The grandmother is a copycat from Beatrix Potter painting but the grandfather and the rest of the house I created.  I wanted to draw a Grandpa and Grandmother with their precious grandchildren.

and here are my grandbabies and I (grandpa was inside taking a nap).

We are so blessed.

I pray you had a wonderful, blessed Easter.

*I create my drawings by hand using my Wacom art tablet.  They are not traced, they are not photocopied in any way shape or form.  Most of all, these are never, ever sold.


  1. You are so blessed:-) And what a great pic of you all..a framer:-) your house are way cuter than mine!
    Your new BP s are so sweet..heirlooms for later!
    Your Yvonne cookies turned out great and your dds cupcakes super cute..
    I am off to bed..
    Our Easter was lovely too♥
    Your art:-)

    1. Good night sweet friend! Thanks for all your lovely inspiring creations . Sweet dreams! :)

  2. Those cookies look so yummy and I like the little houses.
    God bless you


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