Sunday, January 2, 2011


This fizzy stuff is awesome.  It's a European Soda and we can only find and buy it at Wegmans stores, in No. Virginia.  We usually buy them for special occasions just like we sometimes do with sparkling cider (yes, they're non-alcoholic).  This flavor is Cranberry Lime but my favorite one that we still have in the refrigerator is Blood Orange.

I am so proud of these goblets.  They have a beautiful glass sketched snowscape topped with a gold ring around the rim.  Whether it's real gold or not I don't know.  I've had them for at least 10 years, started out with around 12 and now have 8 :(  and you'll never guess where I got them?  I bought them at Arby's.  Yes, the fast food chain restaurant where they sell the best roast beef sandwiches.  All I needed to do was buy a meal or a sandwich at Arby's and then I could buy one these gorgeous goblets for only .99 cents.  I fell in love with them and made many a trip to Arby's to have a collection.  They also sold a smaller, around 6 oz. tumbler with the same snowscape and gold rim.  I bought around six of them but couldn't find them in time for this Christmas.  Anyway, I love these goblets and I always look forward to bringing them out for the holidays.  It breaks my heart to put them back in storage but am glad that I didn't break one this past season.  isavortheweekend

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