Sunday, April 1, 2012

Copy Cat Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Mantel

(click on images for detailed viewing)
So I caved . . . .
I couldn't resist. . . .
I had to copycat Be Book Bound'sBeatrix Potter's Easter: A Peter Rabbit Mantel
I've been obsessed with her Beatrix Potter series posts lately, I just had to do the same

 I bought the flowers, greenery, carrots, moss and water pail at Michaels.

I made the fence myself using poster board and water color paint.
I also painted the birdhouse and made made all the bugs, daffodils, and butterflies attached to the fence

My Pier 1 bunnies fit in perfectly

Those carrots are so real looking

A couple of weeks ago I bought two adorable interactive Beatrix Potter books at Sam's Club for only $7.99 each.  I gave one to my grandson to take home and I kept the other one for when he comes to visit. 

In the movie, "Miss Potter" (the story about Beatrix Potter, and her publisher who happens to be her first love) they show her sitting on the grass, by the mountain side starting the movie off with this quote.  It's my favorite but I also am using it to encourage my hubby whom I've been bugging for years upon years to get started on writing a children's book. I know he's got it in him but this will be another post for another time.

I'll add some Easter eggs soon but then I can also keep this vignette up for another couple of weeks without the Easter eggs as a Spring to early Summer vignette.

I have a feeling that I'm going to be collecting all things Beatrix Potter from now on.  I see Pottery Barn sells some of her stuff so I'll just have to wait for a good clearance sale and go nuts!!

Hope you had a great weekend and continue to savor every moment.

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  1. Adorable!
    You did such a great job!!
    I'm so impressed with your talents and eye for color and design.

  2. love your header photo. was that something you painted yourself? your blog name so perfect. i think we need to savor all moments. so true. such a great arrangement for easter / spring. thanks, for sharing. i did hop over thanks to the bunny blog hop. take care. (:

  3. What a sweet vignette you created, the Beatrix Potter story is magical. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  4. That is such an adorable mantel! The picket fence you made is incredible!

    Happy Easter!


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