Thursday, April 26, 2012

Red Ticket - Admit One

The welcome rug by her front door. ( If you see it sideways, Photobucket will eventually rotate it the correct way).
So our daughter moved out after living with us for about four years.  This is her 2nd time moving out but we believe this time it's for good.  She bought her own place

Since she was in junior high, she has been collecting Frank Sinatra, Rat Pack, and 50's, 60's star pictures and posters and all things retro cinema.  Over 10 years of stuff!!  This is her living room, partly retro, partly Ikea and everything else in between

At one time in her life, she wanted to be a film preservationist.  She fell in love with this faux projector she bought at Kirklands.  It's on her mantel.  The red bucket she couldn't resist the other day when we were shopping at Sam's Club (it came with M&M's and popcorn, how perfect is that?)

She's been waiting for years to put that Rat Pack poster up in the right place.  The red accent wall adds great contrast, don't you think?

Recognize this coffee table??  I featured it last week as a teaser (click here to see).  It's an old, old coffee table that we've had for several decades.  Can't really tell you where and when we got it but Elise took it and painted it all black, then decoupaged the top with her favorite star pictures.  It looks so good in her living room.

I painted this silhouette for her when she was still in college living in her brother's (my son's) apartment while he was away on a tour of duty overseas.  It's Joaquin Phoenix when he played Johnny Cash.  I used graph paper to help draw and paint the picture.  I really like how well black and white and red go together.  As you can see, there are some red paint spots to take care of yet.

She bought these plaques on her last trip to Kirklands that seems to feed her fetish for all thing retro cinema.  A red accent wall isn't for everybody but as my hubby says, "you can do anything you want in your home, paint it whichever color that makes you happy, you're the one living in it so it shouldn't matter what other people think".  He says that often when we watch those home decorating channels and the experts constantly fret about painting with loud colors and how a house won't sell.  My hubby's solution to that is just to repaint it before you put it on the market and yes, you can paint over red.

Some more silhouettes I painted for her of her favorite crooner, Frank Sinatra using the same method with graph paper.

This poster is just sittin on the floor for now until she finds a spot for it.  What a great picture to go with the rest of her collection
Her kitchen is right next to and open to the living room.  She also has the red and black theme going through it . . . .
. . . . as well as the Rat Pack.  This table is on the other side of the kitchen in a nook.  Isn't it cool?

The view from the kitchen.  She's still looking for a rug to put under the coffee table but can't seem to find exactly what she wants yet.

She still has a lot of unpacking and putting things together.  With just a week in the house, she's almost done with the living room and the kitchen.

The picture at the top of this blog is of some PF Changs Chicken and Broccoli from the freezer section at the grocery store.  I came over during my lunch break to cook it.  Gave her a break from her busy day of unpacking and decorating to enjoy a lunch together in her new home. 

Have a blessed week and remember to savor every moment!


  1. Congrats to your daughter on her new place!

    She's got it decorated so darling... and the best part is , that it is exactly her own taste and style.

    I'm impressed with the artwork that you've made for her too.

    You are both talented :)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE her house!! So beautiful! I love the ikea, and the red wall. I would like to take credit for introducing her to red, black and white-- all of my kitchens (and house themes) were red black and white-- but mine were the coffee/cafe. Way to go lisee! And I had NO clue you could paint like that! Might have to hire you in the near future! :) Love your blog bev!:)

  3. Thank Kerin. I haven't done graph paper painting in a long time and I all of the sudden feel my creative juices flowing again. It's a cute little bungalow and it came after months and months and months of looking at around 20 houses. Divine intervention and blessed that's for sure. Kari, so that's where she got the love for red, black and white!!! Yes, you get all the credit :) <3 She has a guest bedroom so will be glad to host you when you guys make it back for homecoming :) Let me know what you style is and I'll be glad to paint somefin' for you :)

  4. I've been trying to find that welcome mat, and that brought me to your blog. Do you know where she bought it? Thanks, and this place looks great.

  5. Hi Sue, my daughter bought it at Kirklands here in the USA. It's a home and decor store. They sell a good selection of movie props and such.


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