Sunday, July 1, 2012

Power Outage going on 3rd Day

We ask for your prayers as our state has been hit with a severe power outage in 3 digit heat.  We are going on our third day.  We'll try to take pictures of the devastation around our area.  I've never seen so many humungous trees uprooted this bad before.  Usually it's a large limb here and there but not this time around.  A lot of these trees have fallen on power lines which is the reason why so many are without power.  It's brutal, please pray for the many workers and volunteers working tirelessy in this heat to get our city put back together.  Thank you!


  1. No, but similar. They're called "Derechas" instead of swirling like a Tornado, it comes straight down with full force :( Never heard of one but you can betcha from now on I will never forget one

  2. I hope you and yours are all good! We are still without air conditioning but we have a small generator for the fridge. I hope the weather calms down! Take care and stay cool!

  3. Of course I'll say a prayer for you, and others suffering from the devastating storms, and the aftermath of those storms.



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