Saturday, December 8, 2012

Frosted Mason Jars DIY

12 small mason jars
MS Frost etching effect
Light blue acrylic paint
Forest green acrylic paint
Dark brown acrylic paint
Santa red acrylic paint
Black acrylic paint
Snow white acrylic paint
Assorted fiber and sponge spouncers
1 spool of 1/4" x 10yd red ribbon
2 cups of white craft sand or Epsom salt
Craft Glue
Battery operated candles

Wash and dry jars thoroughly (I used my dishwasher)

With a round flat spouncer sponge brush, dab on a thin layer of the Frost Etching Effect.

Let dry for at least 1/2 hour before next step.

With the light blue paint, water it down some and paint the top half of the jar, let dry for 15 minutes

Use the snow white paint to the bottom part of the jar.  I was letting them dry upside-down.  Add another layer of white paint.  Let dry completely.

With the dark brown paint, paint four trees spread out equally around the jar.  With the santa red paint, paint a cardinal on two trees.

With the snow white paint add falling snow as well as snow on the trees

With the forest green paint watered down, add some evergreen trees then paint some snow on the trees.  With the black paint and a small fiber brush, paint on the black mask on the cardinals.  Also add the Snow-Tex on the trees and to the snow on the ground for added texture and effect.  Let dry overnight.

Paint each lid with the snow white paint and let dry for several hours or overnight. Paint on a 2nd coat until the whole lid is covered. (Don't ask me why I set it on top of the jar to dry - I don't even know myself).  Add another layer if need be.

When the lids are completely dry, add the Snow-Tex and let dry several hours or overnight.

While the lids are drying.  Cut some red ribbon and glue around the top of the jar, just below the bottom ridge.  Make some bows and glue where the ends meet.  Let dry for an hour.  Add the sand to fill each jar about 1/4" high.

Add the candle, sit back and relax, pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

This little project took me a week to finish and although I wasn't in a hurry, I was anxious to get them done.   My daughter and I visited a cute Christmas store a week ago and I got this idea from a cloche I saw sitting on the shelf.  When I saw it, it totally inspired me and I knew I could probably do something similar to it.  I started last Sunday and today I finished the lids and glued on the red ribbons.  The hardest part out of the whole project was painting the lids.  The paint would not adhere as well and created empty spots.  I think I had to paint three layers of the white paint until I covered the lids completely.  I spent only two hours per day on the jars and I skipped Friday night because my hubby, MIL and I went Christmas-ing.  I really had a lot of fun making these.  I'm fighting a cold since last night so today I laid back and was glad these were almost done so I didn't have a lot to do.  I pray your weekend has been great so far and that you're savoring every moment.

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  1. Those are so very very cute..I would love to make one but I'm afraid mine would be a disaster..

  2. So Creative, I love them. They are a great use for those little canning jars. Jean

  3. What a perfect project, I am in love with them. The tiny cardinal on the branch is just darling. I want to do this project. Thanks for linking up at the Cabin this week.


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