Tuesday, December 3, 2013

*UPDATE* I'm Dreamin' of a Rustic Christmas

Front part:  We've had this sled for over 10 years.  The bench I moved from my backyard garden that I used to place plants and flowers on it.

 Front porch:  The lamp post I bought from a crafter in upstate NY years ago.  I'm always thrilled to pull it out for Christmas.  I can't remember where I got the wreath.

 Magnolia cones from our own Magnolia tree.  How much more rustic can they be?

I finally found these ice-skates that I've been looking for the past few years.  They were deep down in the bottom of an old plasic bin. The skates are at least 45 years old.

Magnolia stems and leaves from our Magnolia tree.

I love the way this wreath hangs from the wooden lamp post.

Pine cones, burlap and such go so well together, wouldn't you say?

I have a thing for Moose, especially Christmas moose.  I cannot resist buying one off the shelf when I see it.

Some more moose and friends

Our warm and cozy fireplace that is keeping us comfortable this winter.

Dry sticks in a canning jar with a Red Cardinal stuck on top is the perfect touch.

Here's our Christmas tree:  Raffia bows, Cranberry strings, Holly garland, Poinsettia flowers and old, retro decorations.  Although everything is fake, these days they make flowers, leaves and berries look so real.  I didn't have to buy a thing this year for our tree.  I love it!

Here are my Birchwood candle holders again.  I surrounded them with some Magnolia cones.

Our home, WELCOME!

A night time view of our Christmas tree

*UPDATE* December 6, 2013
Thanks to Monique from "La Table de Nana", she suggested I wrap the poinsettias in some jute fabric.  I had quite a bit leftover from my Birch candles and here are my poinsettias.  (Thanks again Monique! I feel so much better)

For the pass couple of Christmas' I have been drawn to the rustic Christmas look and it's growing stronger more and more each year.  I'm also traditional and can't and won't get away from the green and red colors. 

Our porch may end up looking another way as I'm not sure I like the way it currently looks.  There's something about it that just doesn't fit right and I'm thinking it might be that foil wrapping around the Poinsettia pot.  It's not rustic and it's bothering me. Anywho...

This is a small tour of our Rustic Christmas.  Hope you're having fun decorating your home the way that makes you happy.  Enjoy it and remember to savor every moment!


  1. Wow!! your home is beautiful and very cozy!! Love your decorations and your porch is very welcoming. I would love to have a fireplace some day.
    Happy Holidays

    1. Thank you for your comment Earlene. We had a fireplace with gas logs installed in our daughters small home and it looks great. Perhaps it may be something you'll want to invest in so you can have those warm cozy winters by the fire. They can't be beat! Merry Christmas!

  2. Your birch candles:)
    Everything looks so festive.. ..I envy your magnolia cones..
    That tree in the jute on the porch is so cute.. how about if you wrap some jute around the foil of the pointsettia?

    Or a bucket or something?
    The only reason I say this is because you mentioned it..and because I always feel that way with poinsettias!

    Same thought as you..:)

    1. Oh thank YOU so much Monique. I have plenty of jute left from my Birch candles, great idea!! You are awesome!! :)


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