Sunday, March 16, 2014

Don't Get Tied Up

3rd and final in Coffee Creamer Upcycled Bin

What a fun project this was, once I got the hang of it.  I painted two coffee creamer bins in a beachy coastal theme.  I then looked on Pinterest to get ideas to see what I could do with it next.  When I found this site and the instructions on how to make a Fish Net, I knew I could do it, especially since I had plenty of jute string.  Here is the tutorial on how to make a Fish Net:  CRAFTBERRY BUSH. Scroll down a couple of times until you get to the tutorial.

Doesn't it look cool??

Thus ends the "coffee creamer bin" series.  Upcycle people!  Your community will love you, the earth will love you but most of all, you will love you! :)
Here are my links to the other two:
Rusty Business
Upcycled Plastic Creamer Bins

Have a great weekend and remember to savor every moment!


  1. Thank you! Will go with my nautical theme once we move up to Michigan. We'll be only a few blocks from Lake Michigan and the beach :)

  2. Wow, it turned out so fabulous.....very creative!
    Have a great week :o)

  3. Great project and so creative. Perfect for nautical theme.

    1. Thank Linda. I can't wait to put it in our bungalow off the coast of Lake Michigan this summer :)

  4. I love the fish net beach theme!

  5. Love the project! I am your newest follower. Blessings, Martha

    1. Thank you Martha! I will follow you too :)


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