Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lazy Saturday Barbecue

6-10 Pork Ribs
Salt and Pepper
Favorite basting oil
Favorite bottled barbecue sauce or homemade
One can of favorite baked beans
One small pkg. of 6 corn on the cob

Salt and pepper the ribs

Drizzle some basting oil and spread it all over each rib.

Cover the meat with some plastic wrap and let set about an hour.

In the mean time. . . . . . . . . . this is what you do. . . . .,
and when it's time. . . . . .if you can. . . . . . pull yourself out of your cooled, relaxed state to continue. . . .

 Take your meat and put it on your pre-heated grill.  Turn heat to low and cook the meat low and slow.

Baste the meat with the oil every time you turn it over.

While the meat is cooking, start working on anything else you're going to serve.  Pour a can of beans into a small serving dish (this is plenty for 3-4 people).  Salt and pepper.

Add  1/4 cup brown sugar and 1/4 cup ketchup.  Stir completely, heat in the microwave for five minutes.

After you've grilled the meat for about an hour, drizzle and spread some barbecue sauce on half of the grilled ribs, so that you can have half basted and half with barbecue sauce.

The corn was already husked and cooked, all I had to do was warm them up which I did on the grill (talk about lazy).  If you want to see how I cooked it with the husk on, click here.

So, it was a lazy Saturday, my house didn't need too much cleaning so I decided to just skip it completely and start on an early dinner (we usually eat early on Saturdays) and take it easy by the pool.   My hubby loves ribs but I know he was looking forward to the baked beans as well.  I used Grandma Brown's baked beans.  Unfortunately, we can't always find them in any of the stores in our town.  We first fell in love with them back when we lived in upstate NY almost 30 years ago and the only place we could get them was at Wegman's (best. grocery/market. EVER!) , there are several Wegman's up in N. VA, just a few hours away so we often go up there to do all kinds of shopping.  Anyway, these baked beans remind my hubby of his mother's homemade baked beans that she used to make.  They were never saucy or runny but thick and tasty.  He'll never touch Bush's (sorry Bush's) or any other kind - they don't compare.  Anyways. . . . . why do Saturdays have to go bye sooooo fast?!!  Oh well, I'm sitting here savoring the weekend!!

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  1. I've always wanted to try cooking ribs on the grill. Yours look so very good. I'll have to look for Grandma Brown's beans the next time I'm out of town shopping.

  2. These look delicious! You have included two of my favorite summer time activities, lounging by the pool being lazy and cookouts! I was in PA last summer and found Wegman's....incredible store!

  3. Oh man this looks amaaazing!! My dad cooked us ribs last week and now my mouth is watering for them again!!
    Have a great weekend! ;)

  4. Yum!! That looks incredible! I think I might have to make the hubs cook ribs for me sometime this week now that I've seen this.

    Thanks for linking up!


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