Saturday, June 23, 2012

Growing Garlic

Hubby and I are very proud and thrilled, we grew our very own garlic.

Hubby planted the garlic in early November.  This picture was taken a few weeks after.

It's June 12, time to harvest our garlic. I had to look up Sweet Pea's instructions regarding Garlic Harvest.  It was because of Sweet Pea that we made our first attempt to grow garlic.

We dug them up after a good rain.

and this is our, ecstatic!

After a week of setting on a framed screen to cure, go ahead and trim, clean, set on the screen for another week to cure.   Hubby bought the screen at HD for about $5. 

and it's time use!!  YAY!

Last Fall I told hubby about Sweet Peas blog and how she lives in the same town we do and that she blogged about growing garlic.  If she could grow it, so could we.  Before I had a chance to tell him we could plant some store bought garlic cloves, he ordered some from an online floral garden center.  We received them soon after and they were labeled, California, German Porcelain and Pioneer Softneck.  We failed to label them when we planted them so now we don't know which one is which although there are a few that have purple veins so I'm assuming those are the German Porcelain.  So either way, it doesn't matter at this point which is which, I just know they're going to be good and I can't wait to taste them!!  I think I'm ready to have my own chicken coop.  This garlic planting stuff is fun and I'm ready to have my own little garden and farm in my suburb backyard :)  Haha!  Yea right ;)  Hope you're having a great weekend and remember to, savor every moment.


  1. Awesome!!

    Looks like you had a very sucessful harvest too!!

    I planted garlic at our old house, but we moved before we could harvest any.
    We will be planting garlic here for certain!

    Looking forward to you getting your first 'girls'! You would love having chickens!!

    Ours are just little tiny now..and after a 2 year break from chickens, I'm looking forward to having them again.

    Have a great weekend!!

    Smiles :0

  2. Congratulations on your garlic growing success! My running buddy who taught me how to grow garlic grows some of the varieties you mentioned. I know you will enjoy cooking with what you've grown.

  3. Thank you for the great tutorial. I'll be trying my own garlic growing this year.


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