Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas at Spottswood Place

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Martha Stewart I am not.  My home Christmas decorations will never grace the cover of a magazine and I'm really alright with that.  I continue to use the Christmas decorations I have collected throughout the years.   My favorite Christmas decorations are traditional and rustic.  I wish I were I Dream of Jeannie and blink my home into a log cabin located snuggley in the Aspendale mountains of New Mexico.  I grew up going to those mountains as a young girl and the smell of pine always takes me back there.  I had fun decorating the house with my Christmas music playing in the background although I did hate putting away my Autumn decorations, it always makes me so sad.  I pray you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and savored every moment.

Disclaimer: Please excuse the repeat of some pictures in the collages.  I forgot what I had put in one or the other . . . I'm forgetful that way, don't judge ;)

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