Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Welcome to our Nest - Family Tree

Welcome to our Nest!

Our family tree is finally complete

A few closeups to share.  Top: My mother-in-law.  Middle: my mother.  Bottom: My sister and her hubby

The picture in the middle of the tree trunk is a pic of my hubby and I back when we were engaged, a week away from our own wedding.

Our son and his kids are in the top right picture.  Near the top on the left is our daughter.

One of my favorite pictures on the wall of my husband, his brother and parents.  My hubby's the cute blondie on the grass.

Here's the other one of my hubby, wasn't he adorable?

This is one of my two brothers.  He's mentally challenged and he's celebrating his birthday with some balloons in this picture.

so this is what you see when you first walk into our home, our family tree

Have a blessed week and remember to savor every moment!

Click here and see how I started painting the tree.


  1. It turned out perfectly!
    Everyone on that tree will love..or would have..and everyone else too.


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