Monday, October 17, 2011

Autumn - the Currier & Ives Way

I grew up familiar with Currier & Ives art.  Growing up, my home had four C&I paintings, all together on one wall and what I loved the most was that each painting depicted a scene from each season.  Growing up in West Texas where you only have one maybe two seasons (Spring and Summer), these paintings fascinated me.   Snow scenes with people ice skating or the Autumn one that had the orange and golden colored trees stood out the most only because you just didn't see that, at all, in West Texas.  I'm convinced seeing these pictures on a daily basis made me appreciate them and is the reason why I now love Currier & Ives.  The Currier & Ives Facebook page posted this lithograph, "American Homestead Autumn" and I immediately fell in love with it, wanted it and ordered it.  So here it is, in my home and once again I am admiring Currier & Ives.  My plan is to get a lithograph for each season. One down three to go.


  1. I love this print! I've got one winter Currier and Ives print that I found in an antique shop that I enjoy all winter. I'll have to start looking for other seasons.

  2. Beautiful!
    Thanks for reminding me of C&I.
    It's been a long time since I have seen any C&I prints.
    Now, I'll have to look out for some!


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