Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beef Caldo (Mexican Beef Soup)

3-6 Beef shanks (bone-in)
1 Turnip cut up in qtrs.
1 onion cut up in qtrs
3 garlic cloves
1 bunch of parsley or cilantro
1 tsp beef bouillon
Salt and pepper
1 carrot cut up or sliced
3-4 russet potatoes, cut up or 1 large can of potatoes (drained)
1 can of corn, drained
1 small head of cabbage, sliced any which way you like

In a dutch oven, throw in the beef shanks, turnips, onions, garlic, parsley and beef bouillon in enough water to cover all the vegies.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Cover and simmer for about 3 hours.

After three hours of simmering, remove from heat.  Take out all the vegetables and discard.  Take out the beef and set aside.  Use a strainer and pour the broth through in another pot, let cool a little bit to skim off some fat.  This broth is full of flavors and very savory!

Carefully pour the broth back into original dutch oven pot then add the carrots, corn, potatoes and sliced cabbage.  Simmer for another hour or two.  Serve with Mexican rice, corn tortillas or Tuscan bread.

  The beef was so tender, it fell off the bone.

The broth was so savory, full of so many delicious flavors

Perfect for a chilly Autumn day.  I think this is what heaven's going to be like!

I was at a loss as to what I was in the mood for this weekend.  Grandma and I went to the Farmer's Market and then to the grocery store.  While in the meat section I saw these beautiful, meaty, plump beef shanks and it all of the sudden took me back to a Mexican soup my mom used to make for us when I was little.  I hadn't had any in decades and I don't understand why I never made it for my family.  It was always a favorite for us kids, well at least for me.  I really didn't know what else she added to the soup so I had to make some phone calls and  Facebook to find out as I was a little desperate.  I truly appreciate all help I received from friends and family.  It took most of the day to make (so start several hours ahead of time).  As soon as I got home, I started to prepare the Caldo and in no time, my house was filled with the familiar aromas that took me back.  My mom is no longer with us but oh these smells made it feel like she was in my kitchen, cooking me some Caldo.  What a better way to end my feature of Mexican food in lieu of National Hispanic Heritage Month.    


  1. What a wonderful recipe! Thanks for sharing. I am so glad that you were able to re-create those long ago smells of home :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Yumm! I'll be trying this one for sure! Love turnip and cabbage. Well, I love it all, really. I can almost smell it cooking....

    Thanks for sharing it!

    ~Mrs B

  3. This looks incredible. I can't wait to try it. So glad we connected! Thanks for inviting me to participate in your 5 de Mayo fiesta! I'm reading so many great recipes and crafty ideas!


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