Sunday, March 11, 2012

Adios Winter Welcome Spring

This was the seen outside grandma's (my MIL) picture window two weeks ago.  Beautiful picture perfect scene.  Would have loved it more at Christmas time but I'm not bitter (wink, wink).  Fast forward two weeks and it feels like late Spring and it's not even Spring yet, 10 more days??  I came so very close to "unwinterizing" my home this weekend but because I'm still under the weather, I don't have the energy.  It's Spring Break where I work and I have Thursday and Friday off and the weatherman predicts it to be in the high 60's possibly low 70's.  I'm sure I'll be feeling better by then and I'll have the energy to get my home ready for spring.  Just thinking about it gets me so excited.

 I transplanted these Hyacinths from last year.  Click here to see what it looked like a year ago.  I'm told deer love these but so far so good.

These Tulips were also transplanted from a pot at the same time my Hyacinths were.  I've also heard these are a feast for deer - BOOO!  Stay away deer!!!

This bush is blooming like crazy.  It's on the northeast side of the house and I wish I had more of these.  Seemed like last year it had a beautiful scent to it but I don't smell it this year, or maybe it's because my smelling senses are out of whack due to the bad cold I'm trying to recover from.  As I was taking these pictures though, I had a bee buzzing around me, he wasn't too happy.

Can anyone tell me what kind of bush this is??  Somebody help this West Texas gal out, wontcha?! ;)

Grandma's Rose bush is starting to show some life.

I couldn't tell you what this plant is even if my life depended on it.  I bought it last Summer and once again, the deer made a feast of it.  I never knew deer could be quite a nuisance until we moved to Spottswood Place. :(

My yard needs plenty TLC, I've never been much of a gardener.  More of one with big hopes and dreams for my yard but when it comes down to it, I lose interest because I don't know what I'm doing and it becomes overwhelming.  Growing up in Texas we didn't have much of a yard but my mom was able to grow rose bushes and that's about it.  I did not grow up tilling the soil and getting my hands dirty.  On the other hand, my mother-in-law is a green thumb.  For as long as my hubby and I have been married, almost 30 years, my MIL has always had a flourishing flower garden wherever she lived.  Everything she touched bloomed like crazy, she still hasn't taught me her secret.....

Well, my son and his family are here.   Gotta run!!!


  1. We haven't yet started sprouting round here yet, but with temps in the 70's this coming week it won't be long.

  2. It sure felt good this weekend, didn't it?

    Your pink flower is a Camellia. I've dreamed of having one for years but don't have a good spot. They thrive in our town! The plant in the pot looks like a lilly to me. The deer will devour it if they can get to it.

    Enjoy your week!

  3. Thanks Paula for the names of the plants I didnt know about. I love those Camellia bushes!! They're so beautiful. Keetha, I hope you enjoy the weather this week out in your neck of the woods. I sure am here in VA. Have a wonderful week ladies!


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