Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Craft Project 030312

3 8 x 10 canvas frames
1 Pencil
3 2 oz. bottles of acrylic craft paint (I used Apple Barrel brand from Michaels)
  1 King's Gold
  1 Golden Sunset
  1 Black
  1 Nutmeg Brown
1 bristle brush - I used a beveled brush, about 1/8" wide
1 1/2" flat sponge paint brush
1 1" round sponge paint brush
2 Paper towel sheets, folded in quarters (for dabbing)

Lay the newspaper down in order to fit the three canvases.  Mix 3 parts water and about 1 part of the Kings Gold paint (I used 3 tbsps. water and 1 tbsp. of paint).  Mix thoroughly and every so often.  Take the flat brush, dip it in the paint, dab on paper towel and start brushing it on the canvas. Let dry and repeat one more time.  Let dry and paint the last layer with wild brush stokes.  Set aside and let dry completely.  In the meantime, wash the brush and bowl.

When the freshly painted canvases have dried, now it's time to get ready to paint on the design.  

I use a pencil to start drawing the design on the canvas that's going into the middle.  I draw it on ever so lightly.

I used my beveled brush to start painting on the design with the black paint.  I started out with a light line over the pencil marks.

I start getting serious at this point and begin painting thicker and darker lines until I get to the point where I'm satisfied and done

I set them on my counter to dry, away from the cats from being too curious and walking on them.  I let them dry over night as I'm not finished yet.

Mix 1 tsp. Golden Sunset paint, 1/2 tsp. of the Nutmeg Brown tsp. and about two tbsps. of water, mix thoroughly.  Using the round sponge brush, dip it in the paint, dab on the 2nd paper towel.  Push the sponge brush down and then out and use this effect throughout the canvas until you reach your desired affect.  Repeat this process with the other two canvases.  Set aside and let dry.

It took about an hour for them to dry and then I hung them up over my kitchen sink.

I decided to put the frames a little closer together after I took this picture.

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  1. Fabulous! Your new custom art looks great over your kitchen window. Get ready for compliments when guests come to visit!

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL! XO, Aimee


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