Thursday, March 15, 2012

From the Scrap Heap

It's Spring break this week.  I had today off as well as tomorrow.  My mother-in-law and I went shopping this morning.

Pictured here are the good bushes.
While my MIL and I were out shopping, hubby was out working in the backyard. . . . . 

He was trimming overgrowth coming from the neighbors yard . . . .

 and this is what I came home to....I almost had a heart attack and thought that he was tearing down my good bushes but thankfully he wasn't.  I decided to take a few of these scraps

  and turned them into this

Is this a type of Azalea bush?


  1. Looks like an azalea! Looks so pretty in the vase. Is it your can bend a branch of it on your side and put some dirt on it, anchor with a brick or rock and it will root!

  2. I have some in my backyard too but I would love to use your tip with my own branches. WOW! I never knew you could do that, I would love my backyard filled with these bushes. Thanks for the tip! U.R. Awesome!! :)


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