Monday, March 5, 2012

Hydrangea Greeting

Made with 4 stems of artificial Spring green Hydrangeas

Three stems of artificial greenery for filler

1 floral, rustic metal wall sconce

One apprentice, this is "Stella"

I snipped off about 10" off the stems, left enough to bend if need be

Placed the greenery in first, will serve as a filler and background

I then added the Hydrangeas in front of the greenery

Day picture

I saw this project featured at "Be Book Bound: Irish Author: Creating an Irish Farewell".  I absolutely fell in love with it and knew that I would find everything at our local Michaels store to make a similar one.  I'm so glad I finally have something to hang from my front door.  I haven't hung anything there since Christmas, and waited until something inspired me, and this floral arrangement did it!   I completed this project in one hour.

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  1. Very beautiful display! Where did you get your stems from?

  2. Love it, good choices in the stems. Makes me want to redo mine. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a pretty arrangement. It looks wonderful on your door!

  4. Thank you ladies! I absolutely love it too. I bought everything, just yesterday at our local Michaels. The "Spring" artificial flowers were Ashland brand and 40% off, but make sure they say "Spring time", otherwise you'll be paying full price for similar color flowers. If you make one, I'd love to see it! :)

  5. Gorgeous!!! Looks like I need to make a trip to Michaels now :o)

    PS. I am now following you on Google...hope you will follow me back :o)

  6. Wonderfully done. You have such a delightful blog! I'm so happy to have found it and will be following you from now on. Pop over for a visit sometime if you'd like.

  7. Very pretty cheerful (and expensive) looking.

  8. Very pretty! Come link up to centerpiece Wednesday

  9. This is so pretty! Love the sconce and Stella is the perfect apprentice. I just used hydrangeas to make my topiaries. Love them! Thanks for sharing and have a super weekend.


  10. That looks are inspiring me...can you believe that I do not have anything on my front door, and I have not had anything there since Christmas...which is NOT like me...and definitely not good for a blogger!! I need to get my hiney in gear! I am your newest follower...or will be just as soon as I am done with this comment!

  11. So pretty and I swear all the flowers look real!


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