Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bunny Cookies

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I baked these cookies for a special friend of mine who is having her "Art Show" soon and needed some refreshment donations.  I volunteered to make her some cookies and since it's Spring time, I decided to make these bunnies.

This is the cookie cutter I used.  I believe I bought it Walmart or Target.  These are the cookies after I baked them a couple of days ago.  They can't be stacked like this when they're fresh out of the oven, otherwise they'll crack.  Allow them to dry for at least 24-48 hours.  That's why it takes a couple of days to make these cookies - beginning to end.

I opted to use my offset spatula to ice the cookies as oppose to dipping them into the icing.  I wanted to try this method just to see if it worked better for me or not.  It's a little less messy than the other way and I like that I can control the amount of icing on the cookie to spread around fairly easy.

Once I iced the cookies, I laid them on a cooling rack to dry out.  It took at least 24 hours to dry.  The following night I would start painting them.

I used the same pink fairy dust that I used on my Valentine Cookies to paint the ears using a flat tip brush.  I got the idea to paint these bunnies like this from another favorite food blogger, "La Table De Nana", she's soooo artistic.

Used black food coloring to paint the eyelids and lashes with a short, narrow brush tip.

I used a long, narrow tip brush and green food coloring for the grass and then used the short, narrow tip brush and black food coloring to paints swirls for the bunny tail.

I spread them out on cookies sheets to dry.....again......overnight

These bunnies seem to be multiplying!!


The triplets

and the whole motley crew, packed and ready to go.

Happy Spring!!!

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  1. Awww your cookies are so beautiful!!!! So nicely decorated!!!! I was actually just looking up ideas for Easter cookies, and I just love your cookies! Beautiful!

  2. You are so nice!

    Your cookies are beautiful!


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