Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bobby Flays Green Chili Burgers

4 burger patties, slightly dented in the middle, lightly salt & pepper
2 poblano green chili peppers
2 tbsps. canola oil
4 slices muenster cheese

Brush poblano chili peppers with canola oil

Place burger patties and poblano peppers on a hot grill.  Cover burger patties with the rest of the canola oil.

I placed these more towards the back and turned up the heat for peppers but kept the heat low for the  burgers.  Grill the peppers about 10 minutes each side or until they're very soft and kinda flimsy.

After you take the peppers off the grill cover with a towel for a few minutes just to retain some of the heat and steam, this will make the skin easier to peel.  Starting at the stem, make a cut all the down to the end.

Cut off the stem along with as much of the seeds as you can pull off.

Discard the stem and seeds in your "thank you for coming bowl" (that's what Chef, Anne Burrell calls the trash bowl)

Take each pepper and start peeling off the skin from all sides.


Place a poblano pepper slice on each burger.

Top each with a slice of muenster cheese.  Burgers are ready as soon as the cheese is melted.

Don't they look deeelicious?  You can eat them just like this or in between a hamburger bun with your favorite fixins'.  

I saw Bobby Flay grill these burgers on tv the other day and I literally was drooling.  I knew I had to make them like real soon.  I love green chili peppers and all things spicy (Mexican side of me) and he just made these the peppers and cheese jump right out of the tv screen for me.  I couldn't wait to get home to start grilling them as that's all I had thought about while at work today.  Much to my dismay, it wasn't as wonderful as I had thought :(   I couldn't taste the pepper hardly at all, not even the spiciness.  It was a good burger but I was disappointed that the pepper didn't stand out, at all.  Oh well.  Nice try.  Any suggestions anyone?

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