Saturday, September 3, 2011

'Tis the Season - Football Season That Is


'Tis the season!!  and no, I don't mean Christmas (even though I'm almost ready for Christmas once this heat-wave goes away)....any ways..... It's FOOTBALL season, highschool, college NFL - it doesn't matter, 'Tis the Season!!

Our front door is next to our "Man Cave" or "Chick Cave" . . . ., yea, the woman in the house have taken over
The bottom left picture is taken from inside the Chick Cave
The bottom right is a plaque on one of our walls
(This room was intended to be a "sunroom" back when the former owners built it, it has eight vertical windows facing the front.

Two identical twin shelves are on each side of the french doors that lead into the dining room.
Perfect spot for all our favorite college knick-knacks and sentimental keepsakes.
Top left picture:  NE Patriot Potato Head (our daughter is a big time NEPat fan and has nothing to do with QB, Tom Brady.......yea, right!)
Top right: NE Patriot Musical Bean Bag and Liberty Flames life size helmet
Bottom left:  My hubby's Liberty mini-helmet and momentum from our boss, pic of DeMoss Hall at Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA
Bottom right: Momentum clock from our boss, and 2007/08/09/10 Big South Conference Championship rings 

This is our wall of miscellaneous pics.
Top row LtoR:  Samkon Gado - Former Flame to RB for the Green Bay Packers - had a stellar rookie season with the Packers in 2005 with rookie records that are still holding | Vince Redd, former Flame playing for the NE Patriots in 2008 | Rashad Jennings, former Flame currently RB for the Jacksonville Jaguars

Middle row LtoR:  Pat Tillman - left the NFL to become an Army Ranger soon after 911 - who tragically died under friendly fire.  He's our hero, especially for the Army soldiers in the family. |  NE Patriot Tom Brady and Wes Welker - best throwing receiving duo threat in the NFL | NE Patriot QB, Tom Brady
(I am personally a Dallas Cowboy fan but somehow our daughter's idol, favorite player, Tom Brady and his team, the NE Patriots have taken over - my hubby's a Giants fan b/c he' from NY.  My son and I are the only Cowboys fans in the family and I will soon dress this room up as I get more DC stuff.

Bottom row LtoR:  Our daughter's bear dressed up in NE Patriot jersey - and of course he's wearing 12 | I was able to snatch this picture before it was pitched out.  It's of the Liberty Flames, first game after 911.  They held the American flag up with pride | The wall and part of the shelf

Miscelllaneous stuff
Top left:  Every.  Every Chick Cave or Man Cave needs a bass fish
Top right:  Picture my daughter gave me as a gift - she bought it at the local mall - it's my boss and some of my football sons
Bottom left:  Rites of Autumn - The history of college football.  I bring this book out every season ever since I got it.  I love reading it and looking at all the old pictures.from the late 1800's back when it all started.
Bottom right:  Some of my few favorite football movies (Rudy, Brian's Song, We are Marshall, Game Plan, Titans) and my most favorite tv series which I watch every season, COACH.  I have season 1-4 and am still waiting for seasons 5-7 to come out!!  Wish they'd hurry!!!!

Left:  The dvd cover/binder the first COACH tv series came out in, made out of synthetic pigskin - isn't it the coolest??
Middle:  The binder is open and it came with the Minnesota Fighting Eagles playbook - so cool!!!
Right:  All my football dvds safely tucked in but at hands reach when I'm ready to watch them anytime between a game or two.


This is our first year watching football in our "Chick Cave" so to say the least, it is exciting - to have a room dedicated to all things football is truly a blessing!?!  Some may question that :) heehee.   So for whatever team you root for, have a great and fun season!!  If you're in the area, please stop on by and feel free join us for some good food and all day football on the weekends!!

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  1. Those championship rings are really something else. I love football, too, but I'm a HOKIES fan. Enjoy football season!

  2. Wow! You really love football and you have a perfect chick cave for enjoying each game. It was fun to see your collections.

    I don't watch football but I like to hear a game in the background when I'm working around the house.

  3. Thanks ladies, it really is a fun sport to watch once you get the hang of it. I've been working at the football office at LU since 2000 and I'm still learning. My daughter on the other hand, could become the NFL Commissioner - so knowledgeable about the game and personnel in only a few years. Hubby and big brother just sit back in amazement - can't believe the chicks in the family are the "football geeks"....that's what hubby call us. Paula, I'm the exact same way, I love working around the house and cooking in the kitchen with a game in the background, there's just something about it that's puts an extra pep in walk/work.

  4. True fans through and through :)
    We watch a few games here and there, and certainly keep up on the winnings of our local teams.
    Love the chick cave :)

  5. I don't think you really love football LOL! How fabulous! I won't tell you the team we go for! You may not like me anymore. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

  6. Debbiedoo, can I guess that it's CCU? Maybe because the roosters gave you away ;) That's okay, you're still adorable and I love your blog! :)


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