Friday, September 30, 2011

Elise's Red Enchiladas

Click here for printable recipe:  Elise's Red Enchiladas

This chicken cooked all day in the crock pot.  Elise seasoned it really well which gave a great flavor for the enchiladas.

She cooked the beef in no time at all.

Lightly frying the corn tortillas

with Asha supervising.  Elise pulled up a chair as frying the tortillas can be a lengthy process.  Asha thought the chair was for her, so Elise had to pull up another one.

After frying the tortillas, Elise laid them on some paper towels to soak up the excess oil

The pot of the red chili sauce simmers as Elise works on the tortillas

Once the tortillas are done, Elise soaks them in the sauce one by one

Take a soaked tortilla and start filling it first with the meat

and then the cheese

and finally with some green onions

fold over like so

With seam side down, place on prepared pan (sprayed with some PAM)

Fill the pan with the enchiladas until it's packed.  Elise prepared these the night before she baked them.  The following day (when I wasn't around to take pictures) she poured some sauce over this pan of enchiladas and sprinkled on some cheese and then baked it

This is what we had for dinner :)  There's nothing like coming home to some homemade Enchiladas.  Gracias Elise!!  Grandma Cruz would be so proud of you!!  :)

Sabrozo y delicioso!!

There was a co-worker where Elise works who was leaving so they planned a little going away party and as usual, they asked Elise to bring her Enchiladas.  She's getting really good at making these without any help at all.  We always know that when she makes Enchiladas to take to work, there will be plenty leftover for her to make a batch for us here at home.  Thanks again Elise!!

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  1. This looks wonderful! Elise did a great job!


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