Saturday, May 5, 2012

Flautas (Flutes)

6 links of Chorizo (remove the casings)
3 Idaho potatoes
10 corn tortillas (taco, small size)
10 flour tortillas (taco, small size)
Salt & Pepper
Oil for deep frying
Paper towels

 Cook the Chorizo in a large skillet, cut it up into small piece

In the meantime, take the potatoes and peel them

Stir the Chorizo then dice the potatoes

Remove the Chorizo from the pan and place it on a large pan lined with paper towels.  Use as many paper towels as needed to absorb most of the grease from the Chorizo, return to pan

Stir the potatoes into the pan with the Chorizo, over med-low heat cover and let simmer about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.  In the meantime, heat the tortillas just enough to get them warm and pliable.

Place a serving spoon ful of the Chorizo and potato mixture into a warmed tortilla.  Fold over and roll it into a flute.  Pin with several toothpicks.  Repeat process until all the mixture is used up.  Heat up around 3 inches of oil in a medium skillet

When the oil is hot enough (almost smokey) very gently add the Flautas.  Deep fry until they're golden brown.  Repeat the process until the Flautas are all cooked.

Place on a platter with your favorite sides (Salsa, Refried Beans, etc.,)

What a wonderful day as kids it was going to be when our morning started off with Chorizo and papas (Mexican sausage and potatoes).  My mom often made Chorizo with papas but she never cooked them as Flautas.  When I saw Marcela Valladolid make them in her show, Mexican Made Easy, I knew immediately that's what I wanted to make today.  I served them with some Refried Beans, and Salsa.  

What a treat these Flautas were.  They have always, always been my favorite.  When my mom took us to a restaurant in Juarez, MX we would always order Flautas, the kind with carne asada, with lots of guacamole with a kick.  Yum!!  These were very tasty and we enjoyed them immensely!!  I'm hoping you're having a wonderful weekend so far.  Go out and look at the Super Moon tonight and take lots of pictures.  I don't think we'll be able to see it because of the clouds, we'll just have to wait and see.  Have a great rest of the weekend and remember to savor every moment!!


  1. I think I'd be happy just eating the chorizo/potato mixture with a spoon! Add a little cheese and salsa to the top, and I'd be in heaven.

  2. I hear ya Keetha. My mom used to scramble eggs with them and put them in a burrito Yum!!

  3. 'm loving this recipe!! I'm having another linky party going on right now. Would love for you to stop by and link up! Southern Sundays is at

  4. Now you've got my mouth watering. Can't wait to try this. Mmmmm! Chorizo!!!!


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