Saturday, May 5, 2012

Selena who?

  10 some years removed from my Mexican/TexMex roots, I had lost touch of a lot of what was going on back home.  When I flew to El Paso to visit with my ailing mom, one of the first things my sister asked me was if I had heard about "Selena"???  With a puzzled look on my face and having no idea who she was talking about I asked, "Selena who?"  She continued to tell me how big of a Tejano singer Selena was and how everybody in the Hispanic community loved and adored her.  Selena had just been shot the day before.  This was 17 years ago, about a month before my mom passed away.  So while in El Paso the news stands, television news stations were flooded with Selena's life and death.  I had no choice but to learn all about her.  I was at my mom's bedside when my sister broke the news to her and even my mom's eyebrows raised being shocked by the news.  So long story short,  I gradually became a fan of Selena, especially when the movie, "Selena" came out.  J-Lo did an excellent job portraying Selena's personality and music.  So whenever I listen to my Selena CD, I think of my mom and my Hispanic heritage.  I decided to post this video of Selena singing one of my favorite song that hit the charts.  It's a fun song to dance to and be silly with especially if you're in the house by yourself doing some cleaning or cooking up your Fiesta feast in the kitchen, young and old seem to enjoy this festive song.  Turn the volume up and let's have some fun!!  
It's Cinco de Mayo baby!!  Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!!

Don't forget to enter any of your Mexican/TexMex in my Fiesta linky party that ends Sunday, Seis de Mayo at midnight 


  1. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. I love your banner since my family is from El Paso. I moved away when we I got married (hubby was in the Coast Guard), but have been back for 11 years now. I know we are in for a few bad weeks after the surgery, but I'm glad he won't have to deal with the pain any longer.

    I'm sorry about your pain. I finally had to ask my doctor if he thought it might be fibromyalgia. After touching the tender points, he said he couldn't believe he missed it. Luckily for me I have 2 aunts (not lucky for them) who have fibromyalgia, and they were the ones who suggested I ask my doctor. He sent me to a wonderful rheumatologist who is working with me to get my pain under control. Some days are great, others no so much. Today I'm in full flare up mode and everything hurts. Ask your doctor if he thinks it could be fibromyalgia. If he doesn't believe in fibromyalgia (many doctors think its all in our heads) then it's time to find a new doctor. Good luck with your pain management. Gentle Hugs to you!

  2. I was living in Maryland when Selena died and also had no idea who she was. After listening to her music over and over again, I became a fan. My oldest son loved this song when he was only 2 and would try to sing it with the CD. I love the movie, and try to watch it whenever it is on TV.

  3. Well, in those days my 2 daughters were just 12 and 13 and used to watch Selena in MTV, so I guess the entire world knew her..I guess. She used to sing beautifully and she was so pretty. We were all in shock to hear her awful death! J.Lo did a great job portreing her and she became famous as well, all because of the late Selena. Thanks for sharing as you brought back memories from my little girls back than. VIVA 5 DE MAYO!

  4. Bonnie thanks for the info and advise. I appreciate it. You're welcome Fabby, it was MY pleasure! :)


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