Monday, May 7, 2012

Lost My Favorite Blog List

 I just changed my blog. . . . again and while I was in the middle making the changes, I lost my blog list :(  It will take me a while to get my list back up so bear with me.  I enjoy reading everybody's posts, y'all are so talented and inspiring!!  Have a super week and don't forget to savor every moment!


  1. Shoot and bagooties!
    I hate when that happens... :)

    I love all the recipes that you've posted, and I've printed them off, so that I can give them all a try.
    Thanks so much!!

    Hope you have a great weekend also.

    Warm wishes...

  2. Haha Kerin, love that "shoot bagooties"!! I too am thrilled about how my Fiesta linky party came out. I now have no excuse on how to make this or that for a real Fiesta, including decorations too! Thx!

  3. I love the look and colors!!! Great job.

  4. Thx Tara. I change my blog theme quite often, it changes with my moods and seasons and Ive recently been in the mood for tan and white


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