Friday, May 11, 2012

Four Day Weekend for Me!

Spent most of the day with my daughter at her new house . . . . 

and with my grandson. 

Spicy Garlic Shrimp Pasta, Salad and a luscious roll from the
Montana Plains Bakery (local family owned bakery)

I'm having a four day weekend.  Our office is forced to vacate the building two days before commencement.  The first and second floors are used for commencement personnel where my office is located (2nd floor).   The big giant room as well as the Head Coaches conference room and his office are used and reserved for the special speaker and his entourage (in this case the Secret Service because our guest speak is Mitt Romney) as well as the Chancellor and his entourage.  I can envision the Secret Service guys sitting at my desk which is located just outside the head coach's office spinning around and playing paper football.  haha!!  They have all been in our building since last week and as it gets closer to commencement, security gets tighter and tighter and to make it easier on them, it it best if we not be in the office and in their way.  

Spent my first day with my daughter, Elise, (whom I miss very much) along with my grandson (her nephew) this time at her home.  She was more than happy to spend her only day off with us especially since she hasn't been able to spend time with him in quite a while.  Her dad, my hubby was over there too only to setup her stack-able washer and dryer which he successfully did.  What would our daughter do without his help?!! :)  

We took my grandson out back on her large deck and played for a good solid hour.  She started to sweep some leaf debris off the deck and he decided to play with the broomstick which is one of his favorite things to play with.  One minute he can be sweeping and cleaning and the other minute turn into a Fighting Jedi Master!  He is full of energy as you can imagine for an almost two year old, he also has a bright and friendly disposition.   He brings SO much joy into our lives, I love him and squeeze him and cuddle him and never want to let him go.  He gave me a kiss just before he left with his mom......precious!!!
I offered to cook lunch for Elise and I instead of going out - which I had fun doing (as you can imagine), in her new kitchen, new pots and stove.  I cooked a favorite of ours (Spicy Garlic Shrimp Pasta) and served it with an Arugula Spinach Salad topped with Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing accompanied with the best dinner rolls this side of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  

After my lunch and after my grandson had left, Elise and I went to the matinee and watched the Avengers.  An action packed, super hero film and although the WHOLE country loves it, I was a bit bored although fun to watch at times.  I just don't get into those kinds of movies, so yes, I guess I'm an old fogie.

Since the theater is in the mall, you can guess what we did afterwards??  SHOPPING!!  Well, she spent the money I didn't.  I just wanted to take her to Macy's because I knew they were having a sale, so I took straight to the the Martha Stewart kitchen gadget!!!!  

I'm on my second day of my break and it feels like a Saturday but it's only Friday and that's good thing :)  I just cooked a big breakfast for hubby and my MIA.  After blogging, I need to hit the yard and do some mowing and planting....I hope.  Wish I had Sweet Pea doing my lawn!! ;)

Have a fantastic weekend, for those of you fortunate enough to still have your moms, give her a big squeeze and a hug.  Enjoy whatever time you have with her and remember to savor every moment!


  1. I hope you enjoy your four day weekend. It's exciting to think about the secret service using your office and even more exciting that Mitt Romney is in town. I'm going to stay far away from any college campus because I can only imagine how terrible the traffic will be.

    Thanks for the shout-out! I had injections in my back on Thursday, so I'm going to have to hold myself back this weekend on the yard work.

  2. Thx Paula! I'm staying away college neighborhoods too. I've often gone to take pictures of all our seniors as they stand in line. It's been fun doing it but I just couldn't get myself up this morning to fight the traffic, find a parking spot, do tons of walking only to find out that I won't be able to get through because of the tight security. Anyways, I'm sorry you had to get a shot for your back. That summer break can't come fast enough! Hope you'll be able to get your rest then and get back to being 100% healthy. Have a blessed weekend!


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