Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI Shindig

NE Patriots vs. NY Giants
Helmet Cookies
Super Bowl XLVI
Cookie Recipe, click HERE
(I used food spray paint this year with my cookies and I'm not thrilled at how the red and blue turned out.  The blue was way too light and the red looks orange.  The silver was excellent but not many teams have silver like the Patriots... but oh wait! The Cowboys do!!!.  Suffice to say, I will not use the red and blue food spray paint ever again.)

Because my hubby's from upstate NY and has been a Giants fan most of his life, I painted the NY Giant logo on his apron and I made his cap to make him look like a NY Hotdog Vendor.  Doesn't he look adorable??  The picture of Elise is at the bottom is with all her NE Patriot souvenirs and  gadgets.  She bought the NE Patriot M&M's, the dispenser and the balloons.  Just wish it had a better ending.  A big shout out to Anna W. who works at the same university I do.  She was very creative (as always) with the Black & White Cookies.  Not only was it adorable (look how cute the goalposts are) but DEEELICIOUS!!!  Thanks Anna!!! Another Super Bowl come and gone.  At least the food was a success!!! :)  

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