Sunday, July 31, 2011

No Mary Ellen This Weekend

I did not cook any recipes from Mary Ellen's Cookbook this past weekend and I have a VERY good reason.  We hosted our grandson's 1st birthday party
He's helping us put the crabs into the ice chest
Happy Birthday big boy!!  Grandma and Grandpa love you!!


  1. Well...Happy Birthday to your little cutie-pie!

  2. Your Grand Son is so cute! I'd like to know what you made with those crabs.

    I also gave your blog an award, so please do stop by my blog to accept it. Thanks.

  3. Lynne, I also love your blog!! Thanks so much for the award. I'll try to post it next week when I get my laptop back. The power cord tore and my laptop is dead. I'm on my daughter's Mac which I'm struggling with only because my laptop is a PC. I'll more comfortable sharing the love (award) when I get my PC back. But thanks again and happy blogging!!


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