Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mr. Moose Photo Shoot

 Just so you know, I have a thing for Christmas moose, especially cute ones like Mr. Moose (Moosie for short)
I have been collecting Christmas moose for several years and although my collection is not extravagant, I'm thrilled at what I have been able to collect.  Just look at that profile!  So adorable :)

Moosie is by far my favorite one, I mean just look at him, is he dapper or what?!
From his knitted Christmas sweater and scarf
Down to his brown boots with his red trousers tucked into his green woolly socks
He's just getting back from Christmas tree shopping, look at his knitted red mittens, so cute!!
I love his snout, puffy round nose, bitty eyes and Santa hat.  I'm so thrilled to pull him out every Christmas
So call me silly for posting about Moosie,  If you really think about it, haven't we all been silly one time or another in a post or two?  What was your silly post about?

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  1. He is a very cute moose! I love all his winter woolies.



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