Friday, November 11, 2011

A Repost in Honor of Veteran's Day - Home of the Free, Because of the Brave

To everyone in the Armed Forces, Happy Veteran's Day and thank you!!

For many years I've always wanted to create a military wall, to pay tribute to all the special men in my family.  I think I may have seen it at somebody's house somewhere and knew I wanted to do the same.  These men have seen more than we can imagine, more than we would want to see or experience all because of their love for our country and the freedoms it stands for.

We've only been in this home a few months.  The minute I saw this wall I knew it would be my Military Tribute Wall.  Soon after we moved in I wasted no time in painting it.  I painted it an avocado color, can't remember the exact name of the color but I wish it was a little lighter.  Oh well, I'm happy with it now that I've decorated it.

This flag is set in the center of the wall.  It was presented to our son after his second or third tour of duty in the Middle East.  He was only 17 here, joined the U.S. National Guard at the end of his junior year in high school.

Four special men

This is my hubby's father.  He served in the U.S. Army in the early 50's.

This is my father.  He served in the U.S. Army in the 50's as well.

I found this picture at Kirklands and knew immediately that it would belong on my wall.  It's titled "Never alone".  It has an angel hovering over a soldier as he kneels to pray.

This is my precious hubby.  He was only 18 here, just before they shipped him off to Vietnam.

This is our precious son of whom we are very proud of.  Has served his share of war duty and I pray he doesn't have to go back ever again.

View from the right side

A few weeks after the above pictures were taken, I was finally able to put "the writing on the wall".  I had the words custom made and it only took about a week to get them mailed to me.  I literally bought them from "Put the Writing on the Wall" website.  They were very helpful through the whole process.  In this picture I have taped the banner of words and I'm getting ready to press and peel.

Voila!!  Success!!  
"Home of the free.....

....because of the brave"

I plan to add a few more things such as momentos or letters.  I'm in no big hurry though since most of what I want, is already up, that is, the pictures of my heroes.

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  1. What an incredible tribute- I salute you.
    Thank you for the humbleness this morning.

    Have a lovely weekend:)

  2. Thank you ladies. I'm thrilled I finally got my military tribute wall. I'm so proud of my men :)

  3. I love this wall. Wonderful truibute.


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